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11 reasons you should visit Wroclaw, Poland

Hailed as Europe’s one of the best destination, Poland’s creative city is a sign of contemporary lifestyle integrated with the society with more leverage and presence towards showcasing different facets of western life and culture and a not-to-be-missed experience narrating the incredible majesty of the European city emerging as a differentiator in the world of exploring the art of traveling.

The bronze dwarfs give you the first clue that Wroclaw is no ordinary city. They lurk all over the place, carousing outside pubs, snoring at the doors of hotels, peeking out from behind the bars of the old city jail.

– Author: David Hewson

  1. The town of the gnomes

Imagine traveling a city for leisure and fun and also taking part in an exceptional dwarf hunt for free? Still doubtful? Well, that’s right. Home to more than 300 dwarfs the city has a unique attraction for the visitors to ponder upon, manicured everywhere from the ground to the top floors of some important buildings.

The idea behind the installation was to peacefully protest against communism which later on became an important quintessential feature of the city, equipped with special maps and a mobile app available for visitors capturing the journey of hunting the fun installations and unfolding Wroclaw’s culture, beliefs, and traditions through the years.

The dwarf’s festival takes place in the city every September each year. Started by youngsters, the idea behind the celebration is to enhance and showcase the inner talent among the youths hosting a convention where many of the public spaces are been transformed into temporary amusements, supper clubs, and cultural performances.

2. Craft beers of Wroclaw

Although one can taste and triumph entirely different kinds of beers all over Europe this polish city truly feats all. House for many microbreweries, the “Beer Capital” has a luxurious history where the beer revolution in the country started. From actually brewing your own to serving up a different ball game together ranging from the traditional locally crafted beers to the ones of new flavors. 

Located around the blend of Eastern Europe brewing traditions with impactful yet interesting stories related to the beverage the city’s beer is an essential bash and can’t be left unexplored. Cheers!

3. Architecture

The marvelous experience can originate by just grabbing a coffee or meal inside the lovely market at Hala Targowa while glancing at the Gothic ceilings and attaining a brief idea of how awe-inspiring the city’s architecture is. From richly decorated Baroque to Renaissance, the infrastructure in the city has been greatly influenced by the World War II and the surrounding countries architecture. The main highlight is the market square (Rynek) which dates back to the 13th century and is an excellent example of colorful townhouses and picturesque medieval design and style.                                                

While getting lost in the hidden lanes is an obvious option, the cathedral of St. John is not to be missed. The interiors are bewildering but the awe moment strikes you when to you enter the city’s university building one of the oldest gastronomic establishments in Europe. The city is also named the “Paris of Poland” and is evident from its mixed heritage and contemporary projects to strike upon. Also don’t miss the stunning skyline from the train stations, Centennial Hall, the Museum of architecture, and the sky tower access to the spirit and virtual vistas an eventual magnificence.

4. Food

I just don’t get polish food (well said no one ever). Everywhere in Poland, the food is fab but Wroclaw has some add-ons. The city deserves a special place for tourists who love to try polish cuisine in a slightly cheaper way. While dining out in Wroclaw is simple thanks to the big number of eating spots, one can find a lot of fusion food restaurants catering to different cuisines.

With every region of Poland has variations and versions of eating here are some of the must-haves in Wroclaw:

Also known as polish dumplings, this dish is the easiest to find and most popular amongst tourists. Available with unique fillings ranging from meat, cabbage to berries the most common and preferred seems to be the special Russian or ruskie dumplings the ones making the hunger levels go up.

  •  Doughnuts

The donut makers are the official sugar makers across the city, and a wonderful time is when one takes in the sweet doughnuts and waits for the delicious flavors to march down the unmatched quality of fillings and traditional methods of cooking. One can be sure that the fried doughnuts will impress the cherub-cheeked customers babbling away with the delicious options served with sufficient specialties.

  • Polish soups

Indulge in the local cuisine with the Polish gastronomical soups and varieties (has pork, sausage, bacon, etc. accompanied with potatoes, vegetables, and eggs mostly served with a bread roll alongside. Known as the popular lunch dish, herbs and spices are added to this dish making it much nicer than the basic recipe.

  • Polish cheesecake

Though we detest picking favorites, sernik is one of the authentic cheesecakes one can love. Traditionally prepared from farmer’s cheese twarog, the dense pastry is a classic, unquestionably a must-have!

  • Golabki

As someone strolls around the streets of the city, a rich variety of Polish stuffed cabbage rolls is to be found. Known as ‘little pigeons’ ground pork and beef are held together with rice, wrapped around boiled cabbage leaves; mostly served during festive occasions or family reunions.

  • Zapiekanka

A popular street food dish, the open bread sandwich looks inviting, mostly topped with mushrooms, cheese and served hot with ketchup; available in a wide range of varieties and quality.

5. Butcher’s market

A memorial to slaughtered animals in the middle of town the place is like discovering the glimpses of everyday life ages ago. Originally town’s abattoir, and quite popular among locals the small medieval lane originally the city’s old meat market now caters to astonishing art galleries and souvenir stalls always reminding the rich history of the place. Photographed by many the market flourished for many generations where special attention goes to the bronze sculptures designed by Piotr Wieczorek in the 90s that display statues of animals (goose, goat, pig hare, and a rooster) commonly trounced under the butcher’s knife during those times. Interestingly, according to some locals, rubbing the sculptures with one’s hands and bring more fortune to your life. Myth or fortune can’t decide but real for sure!  

6. Home to 12 islands, 130 bridges

The warmest city of Poland is firmly tied to water, home to numerous islands and bridges all tallying up the city’s magical experience. A venue for cultural and artistic happening the most famous bridge is the Tumski Bridge with a massive collection of padlocks and sculptors connecting to the centuries-old cathedral also known as Ostrow Tumski or the cathedral island. Another notable bridge is the Grunwaldzki often seen in the postcards of Wroclaw whereas a small handful of islands namely sand island, the Tamka Island, the Wyspa Mlynska, and the Wyspa Beilarska are little fellas worth mentioning. Don’t miss taking a walk along the iconic bridges by the Odra river and see more exquisite realities of celebration and joys unfolding in the city center. 

7. Affordable and happy

Well fantasizing about long relaxed holidays in Europe is mostly an expensive affair for most of us but wait Wroclaw is a great opportunity and one of the elucidations for the budget-friendly crowd. Lesser than the other larger cities of Poland, this polish city can be explored with less than 25$ per day without comprising your needs.

Taking its audience to a different eccentric vibe the most hospitable city of Poland has a great progressive carved out atmosphere for tourists from all over the world; whereas the happy locals add a sense of belonging to each traveler that comes along through their strong liberal outlook and a great sense of humor.

8. Nightlife

With a solid reputation as a party town, Wroclaw is great for party freaks and people with a great sense of art and music! With numerous pubs and clubs, theatre, opera, and philharmonic venues, the city is best known as a youthful and trendy party place because of its large local and international student population making the nights even better. While catering to all kinds of tastes the students dominate the bash culture with over 100 bars and clubs, daily performances, and streets filled with countless shops, bars and eateries often open 24 hours a day. An interesting night in Wroclaw, its biggest attraction is where anything is possible.

9. Christmas market

Of all the countless Christmas markets one can explore Wroclaw’s annual holiday market easily stands out and slowly becoming a grand fest for visitors. The stalls at the market sell freshly-made polish goat cheese from the mountains to the hot mulled wine, locally made ciders and jams, and handicraft items. While sampling endless amounts of products, the fair features a festive atmosphere in the heart of the city with amazing things to buy as a souvenir for your loved ones. Not to be missed are the polish spices an incredible delight to your taste buds surely not to be overlooked. (Tip: Try different spices at the stalls for free before purchasing) and pick your varieties!

10. Less touristy

Known as the “Venice of Poland” with vibrant colors, magnificent architecture, and a unique charm all together culturally inhabited by the scattered gnomes the city still doesn’t feature in a lot of travel itineraries, mostly snubbed against the popular cities of the country namely Warsaw and Krakow. For this fact, the picturesque place is still fresh for the world of wanderlust and can be seen as a means of new exposure, truly an underrated gem to get great snaps!

11. Walk-able

With so much love, the sweetest way to indulge the city’s sprawling life is by foot. Even if time is a constraint, the important monuments, squares, and parks can be easily covered with enough action on the main square giving an ideal introduction to the lovely paradise. The compact city also has a good range of free and guided walking tours almost all capturing the essence of each neighborhood with appealing features and green spaces. Not to forget the 12 islands mentioned above, located around the city surely not to be left undone. Although sounds like a bit of stretch but are still worth rambling with beautiful sculptors, cobbled streets, and gas lamps lit every evening- a yearlong overdose of cuteness!

Interestingly, if one is not into much walking take advantage of the city bikes. The city bikes are readily available and are a cheap mode of travel around the well laid out paths indulging in local life as well as catching some admiring views. With just a mere register on the website the facility is designed to be free for the first 20 minutes and a slight amount of 2PLN for the next 20 minutes and so on!

Travel Tip

With a larger number of bike stations in the city you can easily change your ride within the 20 minutes frame or even just return to the machine, and take it out once more and travel free.

Surely Wroclaw is that perfect host that’s happy to welcome you any time of the year. Hence you don’t have to wonder when to go, becoming a one-stop destination for all.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

~ Oscar Wilde

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